Artist Phaedra Van den Wyngaert

My Work of Art,
Your Pièce Artistique

Oilpaintings     Work on Paper     Artistique Jewels

Designed & Handmade in Belgium

Statement jewels with a colorful detail of paintings by artist Phaedra Van den Wyngaert.

The vivid jewels are not tied to seasons.
They are light and made of recycled acrylic,
Ag925 sterling silver or 18k gold plating for a maximum comfort.

Images on canvas characterized by
exceptional shapes and bright colors. 

No human beings are pictured, but you often can sense a human presence.
Do you like to discover my oilpaintings for real? 
Bring a visit to my atelier. 


Phaedra creates works on paper in bright colors.

Because of their smaller size,
they easily fit in your interior.


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